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Forte Textile, established in March of 2016, has made new investments with experienced and experienced personnel and reached a daily production capacity of 70.000 meters...


Permanent success is hundred-percent customer satisfaction with the quality, the right product, the reasonable price, the fast lead time, the experienced and dynamic team.


Production activities needed by the sector; solution-oriented, human and environmentally sensitive sustainable system..


We are customer and quality focused. Our focus is not problem, is solution.
The key to our success is our employees and training. We are innovative and competitive.

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Enviromental Policy

Forte Textile, by making the principle of living in harmony with nature within the scope of its production activities;

effective and efficient use of raw materials and energy resources in order to protect natural resources,
recovery of waste as much as possible during production activities; minimizing the situations where recycling can not be achieved and ensuring that these wastes are disposed of without harming the environment, increasing environmental performance in cooperation with customers, suppliers and government agencies,
to provide continuing education for our employees to create environmental awareness, fulfill legal obligations and regulations related to the environment,
Adopted as “Environmental Policy“.